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Offered in Spring and Fall: Junior Strokes is great for all levels and taking your skills, strategy, and game play up a notch. Some of the major focuses of the program include consistency, shot selection, strategy, and developing technique that provides a solid base for tennis.

Junior Tennis Strokes

Want a Challenge? 16 & Over Can Join Adult Classes!

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Age Group 4 years old to 7 years old.

A fun way to start the young ones with tennis! Pee Wee classes focus on making tennis a blast, while also developing important skill sets that help with timing, balance, and hand-eye coordination. Classes are filled with fun games, positive encouragement, and lots of laughter!

Pee Wees Group Class

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2024 Dates Comming Soon!

Age Group 8 years old to 17 years old

Our sports camp is 2/3 tennis, 1/3 other sports, and a great way to get the kids active and engaged!

Tennis and Sports Camp

Boy with Tennis Coach

Private lessons can be a great way to either get a jump start on tennis, or for long term work and practice to improve various tennis skills, as well as confidence and comfort on the court. All while still having tons of fun!

Private Lessons

Looking for a deal? The bigger the group, the cheaper it is per person!

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