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Lakewood Park
Tennis Center

150 S Kipling St.

Lakewood, CO 80226
Tel: 303-233-3187

Tennis Court Hours

Monday | 08:00 AM - 10:00 PM

Tuesday | 08:00 AM - 10:00 PM

Wednesday | 08:00 AM - 10:00 PM

Thursday | 08:00 AM - 10:00 PM

Friday | 08:00 AM - 10:00 PM

Saturday | 08:00 AM - 10:00 PM

Sunday | 08:00 AM - 10:00 PM

General Information


Courts & Reservations


​Lakewood Park Tennis Center is an 8-court public tennis facility that is 'pay as you play', with no residency requirements. That means we're here to serve the tennis community as a whole. No prohibitively expensive membership or hidden "catch" is involved. In the spirit of our tennis sibling, Gates Tennis Center, we wish to cultivate the best local tennis scene possible. And that means including everyone. The only real catch is that if you're out here, we want you to have a great time. And we're pretty positive you will.​


Court Rates:

  • $8 per court-hour

  • $17 per court-hour

    • Court time included, subject to availability. Please make sure to book it online specifically or mention it while making your reservation.


  • All players must check in at the front desk. Courts may be reserved seven days in advance by phone, in person, or online. An individual may reserve a court for 2 hours for any given day under their name. Players may not reserve additional courts for other people, including husband, wife or children if they have already reserved 2 hours under their own name. One reservation is allowed per person, per day.

  • Players must conclude play by the end of their prescribed time, regardless of the status of the match or if other players are waiting. Players wishing to play after their designated times may return to the reservation desk to reserve additional time.

  • *This also applies to any League.

  • Players who play longer than their designated times are on the honor system to return to the reservation desk to pay for the additional time after play has concluded.

  • Reserved courts that are not claimed 15 minutes after the designated starting time will be assigned to others waiting to play. ​


Ball Machine

  • ​At Lakewood Park Tennis Center 1 of our courts is designated Ball Machine Courts. The ball machine is great for getting in lots of repetitions on your strokes, and can by used by one person, or multiple people! It can be adjusted to different types of feeds as well as different placements.​


Pro Shop & Stringing Services​

  • Lakewood Park Tennis Center has a complete pro shop offering a full line of racquets and accessories. Our Pro Shop carries Wilson, Head and Yonex racquets as well as overgrips, full grips, dampeners, tennis balls, various types of strings, and more. At LPTC, we beat most internet prices and guarantee products. The shop also offers professional 48 hour string service and “as you wait” re-gripping. You can either bring in your own strings or purchase a set from us. Not sure what string or tension you want? Feel free to ask any of our tennis professionals, and they'll gladly help you out!


Private Lessons

  • ​Lakewood Park Tennis Center offers private lessons with our tennis professionals. You'll be able pick from any of our listed pros, you can read about them here, and then choose the one right for you! You can schedule lessons up to one week in advance, with 24 hours notice. Lessons range start between $55/hr-$80/hr depending on the pro with $5/hr being added on for each additional person. Reservations can be made online, over the phone, at our front desk, or through our pros directly.​

  • *Private lessons can only be taught by LPTC staff and LPTC independent contractors.

  • *No private or group lessons may be taught at LPTC by instructors who are not hired by HSM to teach at LPTC. ​


Adult Classes​

  • We offer various adult classes such as Instructional Classes, Drill Classes, and Cardio Tennis. Our Instructional and Drill Classes are separated by NTPR skill levels, whereas Cardio Tennis is for all levels. Instructional Classes focus on building and expanding your game. Drill Classes focus on hitting shots and playing points, with more "on-the-fly" instruction. Cardio Tennis is great for hitting a bunch of shots, getting moving. and getting your heart rate up! Interested in Instructional Classes, Drill Classes, and/or Cardio Tennis, or want more info? Click Here to go to our adult programs page.​


Junior Classes​

  • We offer junior lessons for various skill levels ranging from 4-17 years old. We have our Pee-Wee classes for ages 4-5 and ages 5-6. And our Junior Strokes classes for ages 8-10, 11-13. and 14-17. During the summer we also offer our summer sports camp for ages 8-17! Interested in our junior classes or want more information? Click Here to go to our junior programs page.


​Special Programs

  • ​The programs that Lakewood Park Tennis Center currently have on-going are Ball Machine Bonanza, and Social Mixer. Ball Machine Bonanza is a community style ball machine program, were you get the amazing deal of 2 hours on the ball machine for only $10! Social Mixer is our famous "mixed up" doubles program. Interested in our programs of want more information? Click Here to go to our special programs page.


General Operations

  • *Pets and bicycles must be left outside the hut and tennis courts at all times.

  • *LPTC can assume no responsibility for lost or stolen articles.


​Cancellation Policies

  • Cancellation policy is as follows:

    • 24 hour cancellation policy is in effect for all court and ball machine reservations.

    • 24 hour cancellation policy is in effect for all private lessons.

    • 7 day cancellation policy is in effect for all programs and classes.

    • ​Reservations cancelled or not used within the cancellation period will be subject to full costs. Check your schedule before making a reservation, so as to avoid court costs with late cancellations. Repeat offenders may be asked to pay in advance to hold a reservation.

Weather Policy

  • ​All Reservations are subject to the court playability. If a court is deemed to be unsafe do to weather conditions, or the surface of the court, your reservation will be canceled and refunded to your account. ​Courts are deemed unplayable when the temperature is under 40 degrees, there is significant wind, or the courts are wet.


Class Attendance Policies

  • If a class or event is canceled by LPTC's decision (i.e. weather policy), class attendees will receive account credit equivalent to the classes/events value.​

  • If a class attendee is unable to attend a class, regardless of the reason, they can receive a missed class coupon which offers up equivalent value to the missed class.

  • ​If a class has less than 3 people registered, the following changes may be made:

    • 2 people registered can result in class duration being reduced to 1 hour instead of 1.5 hours

    • 1 person registered can result in class cancelation or duration being reduced as above


​Special Regulations ​

  • All guests at LPTC play at their own risk. We will not be held responsible for injury. Only non marking shoes are allowed on the court. Jogging shoes lack lateral support and therefore are not considered safe.

  • Please refrain from taking small children or pets onto the courts while playing.

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