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Book directly through our website or call in to set up a private lesson. You can also contact a pro directly for expanded availability. 

Change your private lesson into a semi-private or small group by adding $5/person/Hour (Max of 6)

Brenden Sullinger.png

General Manager

Brenden Sullinger


Brenden has been a key member of the Hitman Sports Management team for 10 years! Starting as a front desk worker at our sister club (Pueblo Tennis center), and moving up through the ranks to become the youngest tennis director in the state. Brenden shows that with hard work and determination, anything is possible. Brenden decided to hit his first tennis ball at the age of 14. He then decided to continue his passion competitively and go on to play for Colorado State University-Pueblo. His style primarily focuses on winning points through efficiency. When Brenden is not at the courts (he's always here), he enjoys listening to live music and loves animals.​


Tennis Professional

Cody Curtis



Cody fell in love with tennis at a Missoula Parks and Rec. tennis camp when he was 10. He then took lessons at the Peak Racquet Club and played high school tennis for the Sentinel Spartans, winning 1st place his senior year and helping the team win the title for only the second time since it began. Cody studied Applied Mathematics with a minor in Statistics at Montana State University, where he was also the president of the Montana State Tennis Club for a year. Cody coached tennis for the City of Missoula’s Park and Recreation, as well as USTA. As a coach, Cody enjoys exploring strategy and positioning and is passionate about the mental side of tennis. He also enjoys staying active through rock climbing and disc golf.​ 

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Aaron Grambell Self.jpeg

Aaron Gambrell

Tennis Professional



Aaron has been playing tennis ever since he was 8 years old and has fallen in love with it ever since. Originally from Lindale, TX, Aaron started his career out by reaching the highest level a junior can receive at the age of 17 in Texas which is classified as a Super Champ. In the years following he brought three district championships home for his high school team in doubles. After, Aaron received a tennis management certification from Tyler Junior College. After receiving this, Aaron chose to keep playing tennis for the University of The Ozarks. He played in the top spots on the lineup for singles and doubles, was nominated for athlete of the year in his conference, and even had the most wins on the team overall in the year 2022. In his free time Aaron enjoys concerts, hiking, and baseball.


Tennis Professional

Sam Halpern


Sam decided to start playing tennis his sophomore year of high school because his gym teacher told him he was a natural... 8 years later and he hasn't looked back. Sam moved to Colorado from Michigan, where he was a 2-time state finalist in high school. In college, he played recreationally while earning a degree in Advertisement and Public Relations. He coaches with the mentality of "refusing to make mistakes ruins your potential." When he is not coaching, Sam loves to lift weights, root for the Detroit Lions, and study the Torah.

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