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We're back and we're ready to start the season early! Check out our full line-up of Adult Drills, Social Mixers, Ball Machine Bonanzas,
and our Sunday Series Event (Free ball machines, free court usage, and a volunteer to help coordinate)! There's something happening
here every day of the week in March! Adult Drills are offered Monday-Saturday. Check out the full overview flyer below!
Adult Drill Classes are offered 7 days a week, with options for all skill levels (absolute beginner to advanced). Drill Classes include pro feedback/instruction (simple or in-depth, depending on level), live point play, strategy and tactics, technique analysis, and more. Drill classes aim to improve each players understanding of the game and mechanics. Cardio Tennis is another great option that focuses less on mechanics and more on movement and conditioning. The goal of Cardio Tennis is to hit a lot of balls and get a great workout!
                 Mon, December 3rd - Fri, March 1st
                 Monday, Wednesday, Friday / 12pm                                    WINTER PROGRAMMING!
"Live Ball" is the tennis workout that checks all the boxes: Fitness. Fun. Action. Camaraderie. It's an approach to tennis where instruction takes a back seat to fitness, where servers and returners are replaced by champs and challengers, where hushed tones and handshakes are trumped by trash talk and fist bumps!
Sat, November 17th - Sat, March 30th
 Saturdays / Daytime (Various Times)
Looking for daytime winter tennis on Saturday?
This is the program! "Weekend Drills" is a continuation of our Adult Drills and Cardio program. Classes offered every Saturday at varying times. Packages available!
Winter Class Options 
March Madness
Adult Drill Classes 
Mon, March 4th - Sat, March 31st 
Weekday Afternoon/Evenings and Weekend Options Available!
(4 weeks) April 29th - May 25th

(4 weeks) June 24th - July 20th
(4 weeks) August 19th - Sept. 14th
(4 weeks) Sept. 16th - Oct. 12th
(4 weeks) Oct. 14th - Nov. 9th
(4 weeks) May 27th - June 22nd
(4 weeks) July 22nd - August 17th
(4 weeks) April 1st - April 27th
November Nights 
Fall is not done yet! Extend your fall tennis through November! 
Join us for evening and weekend classes all month long!
November Nights Drills Flyer
Mon, November 11th - Sat, November 30th 
Weekday Afternoon/Evenings and Weekend Options Available!